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Buying Reports
  1. How to purchase?

    1. First you must register. Once you have an account, proceed as follows:
    2. Enter the name of the company or Company ID into the search field
    3. Choose the Business Information Report
    4. Choose the right type of payment
    5. Download the requested Business Information Report
  2. What is the Moneybox prepaid card?

    Moneybox is a prepaid card available in different denominations that allows you to buy Reports until credit runs out. The card is valid for one year from the last top-up, with the top-up you also renew your current balance.
    There is a free bonus for cuts above $150. Go to the "LIST" section to view details.
    To purchase with Moneybox simply select this mode in the shopping cart. Search, select the name of interest and then the product. When purchasing, in your shopping cart, select Moneybox as a payment method.
    You will see the value of the Report, the price that will be charged and the remaining credit on your card.
    To top up your prepaid card, simply log in to your profile and click on top-ups in the bottom right-hand corner or on the Moneybox section. Choose the cut that suits you and complete the purchase process.
  3. How can I add money to my iCRIF wallet?

    Choose the required value and transfer it to your iCRIF wallet with PayPal or your credit card.

  4. How can I add money to my iCRIF wallet?

    Choose one of the following amounts and get a bonus after recharging:

    • Pay 420$ and get credits worth 450$
    • Pay 820$ and get credits worth 900$
    • Pay 1350$ and get credits worth 1500$

    iCRIF wallet – more than 1350$ : get  a 20% discount for purchases on iCRIF

  5. Is it possible to buy a single report?

    iCRIF allows you to make individual purchases of Reports by credit card or Paypal without necessarily having a prepaid Moneybox card or a subscription.

Instructions for use
  1. How to request a Business Information Report?


    • Search the company by entering Company Name  in the search box;

    • Select the name from the potential search results;

    • From the company card select the one that best suits your needs.

    • Go to the cart and click on complete the purchase

    • Click on "My Profile" to Download it in pdf or html format.

  2. Are the purchased reports available immediately?

    The Reports are available in real time or at most within 24 hours in the "My Profile" section. You will receive a copy of the Report also by email. To view them log in, click on "My Profile" and go to "Last Requests".

  3. I bought the same Report by mistake, what should I do?

    If you have erroneously been charged for the Report twice, write to indicating the email address of your iCRIF account. the date of purchase and the company data requested.

  4. How to use the coupon?

    If you have a coupon code available, you can use it within the deadline to receive the discount. Once the product is inserted in the basket, enter the coupon code in the dedicated area (Discount code). If the coupon is still valid, the discounted price will be visible and you can proceed with the purchase.

  5. How to know the coupon's expiration

    The discount codes are sent via email. If you have received our communication, within the same you will find the code and the expiry date.
    If you are using a valid coupon code, as soon as you put it in the cart, the price will be discounted, otherwise a disclaimer will inform you that the coupon is no longer active.
    For support write to: indicating the coupon code at your disposal

  6. Where do I download the invoice for my purchase?

    The invoice will be sent to you via email a few days at the address used during registration. If you need support write to:

  7. How to look for a company?

    Business Information is available on all companies in U.A.E. You can search for a company by entering Company Name / P.O Box associated with the city. Select the search mode with the cursor and enter company data in the search box. The result of the search will be a list of names or directly the company card, you can select the report of interest.

    If the result of the search is negative, make sure you have entered the correct data or use an alternative search key. Finally, check that you have not left spaces at the beginning and end of the word entered.

  1. If I have lost my password, how can I request it?

    If you have lost or forgotten the password to access iCRIF, click on the Login section of the menu and click on "Reset Password" by entering your email address. Follow the instructions to set a new password.

  2. If the password is expiring, how can I update it?

    Access iCRIF go to the "My Profile" section and choose the "Change Password" menu item.

  3. Why does the new iCRIF website ask me for a new password?

    When you first log in to the new iCRIF website, you will be asked to change your password. Your account must be activated via a link that will be sent to you by e-mail.
    If you no longer have access to the email used for registration on iCRIF, please register again or write to

Products iCrif
  1. What is Business Information Report?

    The Business Information Report provides an overall information of a company, including financial information, payment history, trends, history of business, ownership details, operational information, and the related firms and special events (such as business moves, fires and other disasters, and Quarterly Performance).

  2. What is business information report?

    The Business Information Report provides an overall information of a company, including financial information, payment history, trends, history of business, ownership details, operational information, and the related firms and special events (such as business moves, fires and other disasters, and Quarterly Performance).

  3. What is DUNS number ?

    ICRIF provides a D-U-N-S Number to the companies in UAE, a unique nine digit identification number, for each physical location of a business in UAE.

  4. How much does a Business Information Report cost?

    You can buy Reports starting from 150$. View our price list in the dedicated section.

  5. Is it possible to find information about people?

    The Person Report allows you to obtain information on individuals who hold corporate positions in companies and to verify their activity and position, participations, etc. The contents of this Report can be viewed at this link

  6. Which other products can you buy?

    You can also request Reports on foreign companies, lists and marketing analysis. Write us for a quote at

  7. What is the content of each Report? Can I view an example?

    To know the information contained in our Reports and download the examples, you can consult this section 

  8. What is iCRIF prepaid card?

    The iCRIF prepiad card is your electronic wallet to buy on You can recharge it at any time and purchase dicounted report as DUNS with your balance.

How to register
  1. Is the registration free?

    Registration on iCRIF does not involve any cost and is without expiry. It allows you to enrich your Business Research with additional data and more. Enter a valid email address, which will allow you to confirm your subscription and activate your account.

  2. What can I do if I do not receive the registration confirmation email?

    If you have not received the link to confirm your registration by email, please write to Customer Service at


  3. After registration, is it possible to change the data entered?

    You can change the name, surname, telephone number and email address. To change other data, such as VAT, contact the customer service by sending the request to Customer Service.
  4. What is the iCRIF code?

    This is a non-mandatory registration form field reserved for partner or partner companies.

  5. How can I cancel my account?

    If you want to request the cancellation of your ICRIF account, send the request to Customer Service, indicating the email address used for registration. Your request will be taken care of and then you will receive an email of cancellation.