iCRIF, is the CRIF D&B's e-commerce channel for accessing the Business Information database.
ICRIF meets the needs of small businesses and professionals, who need to protect their claims and reduce outstanding payments. A range of reports with increasing content, which can be purchased individually, provides information on the corporate structure and the economic-financial data of all the companies in UAE and beyond.
ICRIF is the daily choice of thousands of small businesses that, in a simple and convenient way, are able to find out about customers, suppliers and competitors, with the guarantee of quality data, accessible at any time directly online.

For special requests feel free to contact the customer service calling +971 4 406 99 00  from Sunday to Thursday 9am – 6pm.


Dun & Bradstreet is a global company founded in 1841. In 2004, it established CRIF Gulf (Dun & Bradstreet UAE) as a network partner that became the leading source of business information and insights with focus in the United Arab Emirates along having a global reach.
CRIF Gulf provides two core solution sets to the clients in the UAE - Risk Management Solutions and Sales & Marketing Solutions. The company’s major clients in the region include banks, financial institutions, governments, corporate and SMEs.