Are you developing your business in the Emirates? Do you have any commercial interest or partners in any of the emirates like Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Ajman?
To check company information or company status in UAE  it  is essential to undertake at its best your business, but how can you check the company status in UAE?
The International Business Report can help you in verifying company's basic information such as company number, company's registration number and related updates, among which:

- Identification number
- Company address
- Line of business - sector - SIC code
- Company Registry
- Company status

In addition you get data about:

Related Entity and Linkages
Board and Management details

The platform gives access to the whole database of companies registered in the Emirates that can help you in finding company information useful for your business.
You can easily find the main company’s identification information as the company name and compnay ID by buying the International Business Report.
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